Junior Class

Dear Junior Parents and Students,
Welcome back to another school year at Discovery High School. This year we are focused on making sure that our students have fun, but we also want to push them to be model students and continuing to fulfill graduation requirements. This year, we have set some expectations for our juniors-which are required for them to participate in junior sponsored events.
Your continued support is essential to ensure your child is prepared to graduate with the Class of 2018.
We hope to make this school year a very memorable one for our students. In order to keep cost down to a minimum, it is important that each student in the Class of 2018 pay their class dues. Class dues for the 2016-2017 school year will be $100 for just the prom package or $150 for the prom and yearbook package. Prom tickets for guests must be purchased separately at a cost of $85 if they are not Juniors and are Discovery students. The guest tickets will be $95 if they are non- Discovery students.
Your class dues payments include the following for Package 1:
? Prom ticket
?Class T-shirt
Your class dues payments include the following for Package 2:
? 2017 Yearbook
? Prom ticket
?Class T-shirt
Payments can be made in installments on MyPaymentsPlus. Final class dues payments are due before February 15th, 2017.  Please keep in mind that if dues aren’t paid this school year, they will be added to their Senior class dues. They will not be able to participate in graduation ceremonies without the full payment of dues.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact one of your child’s advisors, Mrs. Sandy Darrell or Mrs. Beverly Sanders.
Thank you in advance for a wonderful school year.
2017 Class Officers & Advisors
Mrs. Sandy Darrell
[email protected]
Mrs. Beverly Sanders
[email protected]
? Juniors/Seniors.