As a special Gwinnett County Bicentennial activity, Gwinnett County Health & Human Services is doing a traveling, interactive exhibit called "One Gwinnett - A Portrait of Diversity". The exhibit will be at Discovery High School until May 21st. This is the only school hosting the exhibit.
Snap and share #onegwinnett to celebrate Gwinnett's diverse community! Add your selfie and post your Gwinnett connection on this interactive exhibit traveling throughout the county.
This activity will take place during lunchtimes in the commons area. Please read the following steps:

1. Take a picture against the “Share Your Gwinnett Connection” backdrop.
2. The photo will be printed out using a Polaroid camera that is also a printer.
3. Write your Gwinnett connection story on the provided adhesive note.
4. Place your story and photo on the "Share Your Gwinnett Connection" side of the board.
5. If you like, bring your own device, take your picture and share your story and photo on your personal social media and use #OneGwinnett AND #Gwinnett200.

The Coalition for Health and Human Services, Gwinnett Multicultural Advisory Committee, and the Health and Human Services division look forward to discovering and promoting your Gwinnett connection!