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Rigor, Relevance and Relationships...

At Discovery High School, we believe that students are successful if we keep them engaged in rigorous work that is relevant to their daily lives and if we personally connect to them developing relationships that show how much we truly care about students.  We do believe that "they don't care how much we know until they know how much we care." 

How Discovery High School Functions...

Our first line of collaboration is through "course teams."  A course team is all comprised of all of the teachers who teach the same course.  For example, the 9th grade language arts course team is made up of all of the teachers who teach 9th grade language arts.  These teachers work together to ensure that all students taking that course are getting the same rigorous lessons and taking "common assessments" created collaboratively by all the teachers who teach this course. This helps teachers encourage each other in various areas where they have strengths for all students as well as ensuring that student data across the board is looked at closely.  When students aren't successful, we will expect them to continue to work on the material as we provide methods of re-learning and re-teaching.   These methods of remediation are also collaborative efforts among the course team.        

In addition to working as course teams, Discovery focuses on preparing students for college AND career readiness.  Therefore, with our academy themes, our faculty members work to collaborate with members of other academic departments to make cross-curricular ties to material to make it more relevant.  For example, language arts may have a fine arts or business slant to it. Science may have a health and physical education focus.                     

A third aspect of the teaching and learning process at Discovery revolves around project based learning. While you, as the student, or your student may have done a lot of projects in the past, project based learning is a bit different. We want to push students to "use what they have to show what they know."  In other words, what materials, technology, or other items do they have to demonstrate or create a product to show what standards they have learned?