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 Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is an AP Course?  An AP Course is an Advanced Placement® course certified by The College Board as a college-level class taught in high school. Students can earn college credit as well as high school credit for these courses if their scores on the national AP Examinations are high enough to satisfy university requirements.
  2. How much college credit can students earn?  Students can earn as much as two semesters college credit for each subject. Contact a specific university for information on the amount of credit granted in different subject areas.
  3. Are AP Classes hard?  AP classes are challenging but not impossible. The College Board requires that all AP teachers receive extensive training and that AP classes use college-level textbooks in order to maintain the level of rigor necessary to pass the national AP Exams.
  4. What are grades like in an AP Classes?  The Gwinnett County Board of Education established a 10 point bonus to be added to students’ final grades in all AP classes as an incentive for students to take more challenging classes. A grade of 89, for example, becomes 99 on the student’s report card. A grade of 95 becomes 105.
  5. Do I have to be an A student to be successful in AP classes?  While A students often have time management and study skills that help them to be successful, any highly motivated student who has taken necessary prerequisite classes can be successful. Students who score above the national SAT average score tend to be more successful in AP courses than students with scores below the national SAT average.
  6. Do AP courses have a lot of homework?  AP courses do have homework, like all classes, but AP classes do need more preparation. Students who have a job and work more than 20 hours a week or who spend more than three hours a day with extracurricular activities will probably have some time management problems.
  7. How many AP courses do students take per year?  While some exceptionally well-organized and highly motivated students can manage five AP courses per year, most students find 3 classes per year more comfortable.
  8. Do AP courses matter to colleges??Rigor of schedule is now very important to the college admissions process. In order to be competitive with students from across the nation who have transcripts showing many AP courses, students should take as many AP classes as they can. Colleges report that AP courses on a transcript show that the student has initiative, motivation, and time management skills.
  9. How do AP Courses help a student receive the Hope Grant?  Receiving a Hope Grant requires a 3.0 GPA. Hope re-calculates GPA by counting only core subjects and converting GPA to a 4.0 scale. An 88, for example, converts to a 3.0. Although Hope presently removes any bonus points given by school systems, it adds back an extra .5 for each AP grade. An 88 in an AP class converts to a 3.5. Research shows that students with AP experience have a higher incidence of maintaining a 3.0 or better in college. Research also shows that students with AP experience more often complete college than students who do not.