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Business and Entrepreneurship

The Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship introduces students to the broad career opportunities in entrepreneurship, finance, and marketing. Students will learn the relevant knowledge and skills to become innovative, self-reliant, forward-thinking, problem solvers. In addition to the core areas of study, the pathways the academy offers will equip students with the business, leadership, and networking skills they need to be successful in 21st century business world. Students will gain a competitive edge by working closely with community mentors as well as participating in internships that support their college and/or career aspirations.

Business and Entrepreneurship in the

Clyde Strickland Entrepreneurship Center. 

Welcome to the Clyde Strickland Business and Entrepreneurship Program. This academy is vastly different than any we have seen, and many people often ask questions to better understand how this program works.

First and foremost, students in this academy receive a high school college preparatory education. In addition to the “traditional” high school education that students receive in the Strickland Entrepreneurship Academy, they also build skills that employers are looking for and expecting in the workforce. The freshman and sophomore years, college prep language arts is interwoven with business, marketing, entrepreneurship and business technology. This fusion is achieved through intense collaboration of the Language Arts teacher and Business/Marketing teacher to marry the academic knowledge and skills of both courses ensuring that students learn material in a meaningful and relevant as well as rigorous course of study.

The academy/program as a whole will be responsible for two school based enterprises (SBEs). This is where the students get trained and learn how to use the equipment in the makerspaces in our area. However, think of this like an art classroom, a music classroom, a science classroom, any classroom—they do not learn it all immediately and instantly. As always—learning is a process where mistakes are growth opportunities. We truly believe that FAIL is the First Attempt In Learning! Therefore, failing is very important.

Our two School Based Enterprises (Businesses that run as part of the school course in which all funds go directly back into the program) will be 1) Discovery Design and 2) Titan Spirit wear (Name to come after class creates it). These students will be learning to run the SBEs and to use the equipment available for them in the makerspaces (in addition to learning via their traditional curriculum) which will take the first couple of weeks of first semester.

Stay tuned for more as these TITANS discover what high school can really be!