Titan Parents and Students:

Graphing calculators are used throughout a student’s high school experience in a variety of content areas. Graphing calculators can, however, be costly -  ranging in price from $80 to $100. Discovery High School is proud to announce a new graphing calculator rental program.  This initiative will assist Discovery High School students by providing them with the ability to rent a calculator for $20 for the length of the school year rather than incurring the full cost of the calculator.

There will be a limited supply of graphing calculators available to rent as we launch the calculator rental program.  Therefore, we will be issuing calculators to students on a first-come first-serve basis.  As the program grows, we will continue to be able to provide this service to more students. All calculators will be distributed through the Media Center.

When participating in the calculator rental program, parents and students will agree to the follow conditions:

  1. Parents and students will register and pay the rental fee through MyPaymentsPlus. 
  2. The original Calculator must be returned in the same condition as it was issued.  If the calculator is lost, stolen, or damaged, at $80 replacement charge will apply.
  3. Students must return calculators upon withdrawal from Discovery High School or at the end of the current school year, whichever comes first.
  4. The student/parent is responsible for the replacement batteries during the loan period.
  5. Downloading unauthorized programs and/or games is prohibited and will result in forfeiting the use of the calculator. Disciplinary consequences may also be issued.

We believe this program will be a positive one for our students.

Go Titans!

Traye Moore

Calculator Rental Agreement