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Staff Directory by Department




Ashley Alexander Career Technology Email
Terresia Baxter Career Technology Email
Michael Christodoulou Career Technology Email
Lisa Couts-Creech Career Technology Email
Gina Dorsey Career Technology Email
Bamar Lewis Career Technology Email
Nicole Meade-Franklin Career Technology Email
Casey Nutt Career Technology Email
Roberta Owen Career Technology Email
Michelle Smith Career Technology Email
Sherri Stephenson Career Technology Email
Jason Stubbs Career Technology Email
Mary Warren Career Technology Email
Anthony Wislar Career Technology Email
James Woodward Career Technology Email
Frank Yelinek Career Technology Email
Robert Ayres Counselor Email
Michelle Burger Counselor Email
Delicia Fellers Counselor Email
Ryan Lilly Counselor Email
Tyese Miller Counselor Email
Marlene Taylor-Crawford Counselor Email
Gabrielle Van Stekelenburg Counselor Email
Milena Bogdanova ESOL Email
Joan Evans ESOL Email
Barbara Miller ESOL Email
Desiree Robinson ESOL Email
Brandon Baker Fine Arts Email
Thomas Bedzyk Fine Arts Email
Sherry Boyd Fine Arts Email
Phoebe Clark Fine Arts Email
Shanice Holt Fine Arts Email
Richelle Kirkland Fine Arts Email
Cheryl Smith Fine Arts Email
Travis Smith Fine Arts Email
Diane Sullivan Fine Arts Email
Nicholas Wiebers Fine Arts Email
Christina Abrego Foreign Language Email
Nedra Curtis Foreign Language Email
Jennifer Grobeck Foreign Language Email
Shawna Hagans Foreign Language Email
Jason Hall Foreign Language Email
Larissa Jean Foreign Language Email
Antonio Morales Foreign Language Email
Olivia Rivas-Naranjo Foreign Language Email
Janyra Rodriguez-Romeu Foreign Language Email
William Torres Foreign Language Email
Michael Waugh Foreign Language Email
Claudia Wilde Foreign Language Email
Johnny Burdette Health and PE Email
Christopher Cason Health and PE Email
Tiffany Copeland Health and PE Email
Kareem Hayes Health and PE Email
Efrem Hill Health and PE Email
Brandon Jackson Health and PE Email
Courtney Mitchell Health and PE Email
Sarah Brasher Language Arts Email
Tamara Brooks Language Arts Email
Elizabeth Bryarly Language Arts Email
Thomas Curran Language Arts Email
Gordon Gibson Language Arts Email
Tyler Feucht Language Arts Email
Eula Gueye Language Arts Email
Peter Klinect Language Arts Email
Earl Lampley Language Arts Email
Emma LeCroy Language Arts Email
Dustye Muse Language Arts Email
Nicole Osborn Language Arts Email
Terra Smith Language Arts Email
Heather Tabeek Language Arts Email
Naderia Wade Language Arts Email
Gregory Watkins Language Arts Email
Carla Youmans Language Arts Email
Dilbir Ahuja Math Email
Christen Chaplin Math Email
Hannah Choi Math Email
Charles Conway Math Email
Sandy Darrell Math Email
Stephanie Dever Math Email
Chelsea Edgar Math Email
Marlene Febus Garcia Math Email
Malinda Hinton Math Email
Damarrio Holloway Math Email
Angie Holt Math Email
Earl Lampley Math Email
Douglas Lane Math Email
Landon Latham Math Email
David Lee Math Email
Jennifer Mansour Math Email
Brian Moler Math Email
Hieu Nguyen Math Email
Chau Pham Math Email
Haneen Sayyad Math Email
Constance Sharpe Math Email
Carrie Taylor Math Email
Francisco Diaz ROTC Email
Robert Rooker ROTC Email
Ananta Acharya Science Email
Tabitha Brodnax Science Email
Karai Cotterell Science Email
William Daniel Science Email
Beth Feustel Science Email
Deepkiran Gill Science Email
Jamie Knapp Science Email
Florence Kuthuru Science Email
Clement Lajeunesse Science Email
Max Lyncee Science Email
Maria Malcom Science Email
Eric Mau Science Email
Emily McDonald Science Email
Shelley McHardy Science Email
Sunshine Meeks Science Email
Sharye Richardson Science Email
Maria Thurmond Science Email
William Torres Science Email
Justin Carlyle Social Studies Email
Jonathan Clifton Social Studies Email
Sarah Demerly Social Studies Email
Bryan Everett Social Studies Email
Christin Funderburk Social Studies Email
Jeremy Gillis Social Studies Email
Megan Hathaway Social Studies Email
Jayme Hicks Social Studies Email
Madelaine Hoffman Social Studies Email
Alyssa Johnson Social Studies Email
Erica Mayes Social Studies Email
Steven McDaniel Social Studies Email
Jonathan Mihetiu Social Studies Email
Dominicus Robinson Social Studies Email
Alison Smith Social Studies Email
Heather Tabeek Social Studies Email
Jessica Tatman Social Studies Email
James Taylor Social Studies Email
Michael Waugh Social Studies Email
Anthony Barbera Special Education Email
Constance Brown Special Education Email
Georgeta Ciuca Special Education Email
Christopher Cooper Special Education Email
Thomas Cox Special Education Email
Richard Feldman Special Education Email
Darrell Green Special Education Email
Kelly Hill Special Education Email
Sandra James Special Education Email
E'Lisa Ladson Special Education Email
Valerie Lewis Special Education Email
Kristin McGee Special Education Email
Samuel Mendoza Special Education Email
Bangaru Talli Palipudi Special Education Email
David Pike Special Education Email
Erik Robinson Special Education Email
Kayla Schlarb Special Education Email
Arthur Simmons Special Education Email
Tina Sink Special Education Email
Molly Talbert Special Education Email
Kimberly Ziraldo Special Education Email
Byron Adams Support- ISS Email
Christian Gray Support- LSTC Email
Rebecca West Support- Media Specialist Email
Thierry Pagnier Support- Stellar Sub Email